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Caleb & Brown is the leading personalized cryptocurrency brokerage firm giving you a strategic advantage to achieve your investment goals.

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Personal Broker

A direct relationship with an OTC broker who you can contact at any time

Crypto Consultation

Structuring and consultation on all of your crypto questions

Fast Entry Trades

Rapid access to over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies with deeper liquidity and faster settlement

How it works

You can trade large amounts of crypto through Caleb & Brown without making the price of the coin move. This is because Caleb & Brown has a team of full time traders with access to larger liquidity in the coins they trade in.

Having a personal broker allows you to bypass the copious amounts of research needed to navigate the crypto space and allows you to quickly gain exposure to cryptocurrencies without concern of hacks, scams or poor pricing.

inbar-yudasin followers will receive expedited account creation and discounted fees

Caleb and Brown are located in Melbourne, Australia and they service clients all around the world. They can trade in several major fiat currencies and over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies

Simple, transparent pricing

No contracts, no spreads or hidden fees.

  • No account or signup costs
  • No obligation to trade, accounts can be used at your leisure
  • No fees to talk to your broker
  • No fees on spreads, deposits or withdrawals
  • 30% discount on fees when buying, swapping
    or selling coins
  • One flat fee for all services that covers all costs, regardless of the coins or complexity involved

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Still have questions?

Is it easy to trade through Caleb and Brown?

Caleb and Brown can buy, sell or swap cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to buy coins then you can simply initiate a bank wire in your preferred currency then communicate your trade to your broker. If you wish to make a transaction using existing cryptocurrency then your broker can provide you with Caleb and Brown's wallet addresses to safely receive coins. The key to easy trading with Caleb and Brown is ensuring clear communication. If you ever have a question, always be sure to ask!

Can I trust Caleb and Brown?

It is very important to be vigilant in the Cryptocurrency space. Some businesses will lock your coins on their exchange, have withdrawal maximums or be at risk of simply not working when you need them most. Caleb and Brown have operated since 2016 and have invested heavily in developing a business that focuses on security, accountability and trade efficiency. By ensuring each client has a personal broker, Caleb and Brown can provide responsibility and direct communication for any of your concerns or queries.

How can I communicate with Caleb and Brown?

Caleb and Brown take pride in their ability to speak with clients directly. This allows for trust, accountability and a sound relationship. When you create an account you can communicate with your broker via phone, text, email or even applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. We are flexible but we do ask that any transactions or critical items are communicated via email.