A FinTech View: Financial Services Royal Commission

After almost a year, the final report��from the Financial Services Royal Commission has been released and the ramifications go much deeper than just the banking and finance sector - the antagonists in this script. The Fintech sector and in that, the Crypto industry��has lessons to learn from these mistakes of the past generation of finance, and to ensure that such practices are not carried forward.

TransparencyOne of the key findings of the Royal Commission was the veil of opacity that the banking system has preemptively cocooned around itself. Another, was the need for this curtain to fall, not only for such disruptive and blatant monopolistic practices to cease, but also to ensure the interests of the everyday consumer were protected.The transparency that blockchain-technology based systems bring is at the core of the ideological movement that birthed the Cryptocurrency industry and as such, this is a move that is inline with the Crypto ecosystem.Fintech companies have been the hardest hit by de-banking practices and un-competitive industry acquisitions and greater accountability for such actions will only lead to a greater benefit for the Fintech industry as a whole. As a follow on effect, easing of banking pressures as well as a more equitable competitive landscape spells a more favourable investing landscape for the end-consumer. You.Reputation

Lack of accountability is an accusation that has been levelled at the finance sector but here in the Crypto sector, we are already seeing that mistake being repeated. ICOs that raised capital only to deliver no product, have jeopardised the reputation of, and the ethics within, the wider Crypto industry. As a result of the unregulated marketplace, many of these projects have not been held accountable to their investors. Despite persistent��attempts by ASIC in to limit the damage, many investors have still been negatively affected.

In particular, being that the industry is so immature, this type of recklessness will especially hamper wider growth and adoption of digital currencies. It is as yet early times and without such paradigms being set practice, we have the opportunity as an industry to ensure change is afoot for the future.The Royal Commission is a watershed moment for Australia and one would hope that change, henceforth is inevitable. That being said, the underlying sentiment is true of the rest of the world as well. This change, which should be driven by an aim to make the banking industry more agile, lean and open, should see greater incorporation of Fintech into existing outmoded systems and practice models.

- Written by Dr. Prash P

About Dr. Prash:Dr. Prash is the CEO of Caleb and Brown, who are available to guide new and seasoned investors. Prash is considered a thought leader in the philosophical and existential implications of this emerging technology and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

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