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March 5, 2020  ·  3 min

Coincast TV - Episode 9

Coincast TV - Episode 9

Top Cryptocurrencies of the Week - As at Oct 4, 2018

  • **Bitcoin (BTC): It's been another stable week for bitcoin with the price hovering around the US $6,500 mark as we enter the fourth quarter.**Traders are waiting patiently to see which way the trend will break out.With only about a 10 percent difference, the volume of Long and Short traders are relatively close to parity.We anticipate far less price volatility for at least the next month.

Caleb and Brown's Spotlight Cryptocurrencies of the Week:

  • Ethereum (ETH): Bitmex Research has published a study that shows ICO treasury accounts no longer hold a significant amount of Ether.Just 830 million US dollars of Ether are held in ICO treasury accounts compared to the US $5.4 billion dollars raised.Going forward Ethereum's price may see less selling pressure from the industry's burn rate.But in the short term, Ethereum is trading only 10 percent below the 50-day moving average.Traders may get an opportunity to make a quick short trade before re-entering at a target above the 180 dollar support level.

Watch full episodes, here www.coincasttv.comCaleb and Brown is proud to sponsor ""Top Cryptocurrencies of the Week"" segment of Coincast TV, a show that promises to bring education, up to date market information and the latest news from the Cryptocurrency world to mainstream investors. It furthers our commitment to helping bridge the gap between traditional investors and the cryptocurrency markets.Broadcasted on Sky News Business and syndicated across Apple TV, The Wall St Journal and related social platforms, reaching an audience of almost 200 million viewers worldwide.

The show will air weekly on Sky News Business in Australia at 7.30pm (EST) on Friday evenings, with several repeat episodes over the weekend.

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