Market Update - 01 May 2019 - 'Tether Warning'


Bitcoin Price: $5285 (01 May 19 11:53pm)

Dear valued��clients,

A lot has transpired this past week, it is important that you take the appropriate steps to ensure your portfolio reflects your risk appetite.I will go over the important points below before getting into the market commentary.

Key Points:

  • New York Attorney General�۪s��office has alleged that Bitfinex lost $850 million and subsequently used funds from Tether to secretly cover the shortfall.
  • Bitfinex issue a statement claiming the ���lost�۝ funds have been seized in various jurisdictions.
  • Tether lawyers confirm��the USDT stablecoin is only about 74% backed by fiat equivalents as of April 30.
  • Overall bullish 'Golden Cross' emerged in the market but the risk in Tether(USDT) hasn't��affected the��price.
The Key Points Affecting the Market at Current

Above is a snapshot of the stablecoin market on April 19. Among the Top 6 live stablecoins,��Tether makes up an enormous 74% of the market cap, and captures a market share of the trading volume of 98%. An amount almost not worth comparing to the rest.

This means the potential collapse of Tether could cause an immense reduction in liquidity for Bitcoin and quite likely amplify the volatility potentially by orders of magnitude.Top 6 StablecoinsMarket Cap (USD)��MC %24 Hour Volume24H Vol %PairingsTether$2 B74%$8 B98%400+USD Coin$242 M9%$45 M1%114TrueUSD$203 M7%$37 M0%150Paxos Standard$118 M4%$62 M1%74DAI$95 M3%$41 M0%77Gemini Dollar$66 M2%$3 M0%60

What should you do?

If you are currently holding USDT, I would urge you to immediately stop doing so and choose an alternative.��There are a number of other Stablecoins on the market supported by a variety of major exchanges detailed above.Alternatively, you may trade through an OTC desk or a Brokerage like Caleb & Brown, that conducts the transactions through fiat bank wires. While a 74% backed Tether will not collapse immediately, keeping funds in USDT is equivalent to paying $1 for $0.74.��While the market price of USDT is roughly $0.99 at current, you don�۪t want to be the last one out the door.Similarly, a loss of $850 million has placed a tremendous financial stress on Bitfinex so��if you currently have assets held on Bitfinex, please get your cold-storage wallets set up and take your assets off the exchange.If you need any assistance relating to this matter, please contact your broker to see if we can assist. 

Jackson Zeng

Jackson has over five years experience in��Cryptocurrency Trading and founded one of the first��managed Cryptocurrency Investment Trusts in Australia, Bit By Bit Capital. Jackson currently acts as COO for��Caleb and Brown, CIO for Bit By Bit Capital and has��featured frequently on Sky News, The Herald Sun, The Australian��and other major News outlets as a leading expert on��cryptocurrency analysis.

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