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At Caleb and Brown, a cornerstone of the service we provide is the direct access our clients are given via a personal broker. Each broker has an intimate knowledge of the portfolios of their clients, ensuring our guidance is tailored to your personal investment strategy and risk tendencies.In this last month, I have personally been in close contact with a handful of clients to discuss portfolio strategy and to assess how we can best support each of you moving forward.As some of you may know, Caleb and Brown has a team of in-house analysts who provide us with the latest news, analysis and insights within the wider crypto market. This coupled with real-time, detailed information on each of our clients portfolios allows us to give unique assessment and comparison for our clients portfolios.This awareness can be deeply informative for brokers, and by extension, for you too. This allows you to have a comparative overview of your position, including the performance of individual assets and their variance compared to the market, over varying periods of time. We want to ensure we support our clients to view their assets as a holistic balanced portfolio.When a client trades with Caleb and Brown, it is of the utmost importance that they are educated in the best ways to safeguard any potential gains while also minimising your exposure to notably high-risk investment propositions. Do not hesitate to contact your personal broker, as they are always open to further discussion. For us to be able to offer the best value to you, a comprehensive understanding of your portfolio goals, relationship with risk and overall investment strategy is paramount. Next, I will demonstrate in more detail how Caleb and Brown helped a client identify and evaluate a series of potentially profitable trades, while also staying true to his outlined risk parameters.Sign up for a FREE portfolio analysis today!This is an example of how Caleb and Brown can assist active investors with your cryptocurrency buying, selling or restructuring needs. With our software, we have the ability to assist clients in understanding the prominent features of their personal portfolios. We can provide bespoke insight into how their crypto portfolio is currently self-managed, and areas for improvement.

Isaac has an opportunity to see significant savings using a Caleb and Brown tax assessment, and to reduce his portfolio risk alpha whilst maintaining its upside potential.

Isaac, a frequent trader with Caleb and Brown, wanted to invest a given amount of US dollars across a variety of coins. By looking over his previous trades and currencies we saw a high variance in the returns of his portfolio. Based on this insight, as a risk-averse investor, Isaac repositions his portfolio to reflect his risk appetite, and to protect the value of his assets in the long term. This allows the client to ensure they�۪re capitalising on market volatility while sticking to their long-term structured investment goals. To make these types of decisions, you need to not only be aware of good projects, but also how to re-balance for risk. Not all projects are equal, even if their prices are. We want to help you make educated decisions when entering, during and when exiting the cryptocurrency market. Many no longer view cryptocurrency as a niche investment, but rather an avenue for investors to invest across multiple industries and to hedge their portfolio. These tools will allow for a greater sense of control and intelligence behind the decision making processes and planning of our clients.Our aim is to help you achieve your investment goals in cryptocurrency by helping you make informed decisions.Yours sincerely,

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