Samsung Could be Bigger for Bitcoin than Bakkt

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A high-profile cryptocurrency analyst says Samsung�۪s next mobile phone could have a bigger impact on Bitcoin than Bakkt or an exchange traded fund (ETF).��Joseph Young, a cryptocurrency and fintech expert with 95,000 Twitter followers, made the claim as supposedly leaked images��revealed the new Samsung Galaxy S10 has support for cryptocurrencies.���If Samsung integrates crypto to Galaxy S10, I think it may have a bigger impact than ETF and Bakkt combined,�۝ Mr Young said.���Partially because no one really knows what kind of exposure (an) ETF / Bakkt will bring ��_ while millions of people use Samsung phones daily.�۝[caption id="attachment_72526" align="aligncenter" width="406"]

([/caption]Dr Prash P., the CEO of leading Australian cryptocurrency broker Caleb and Brown, agrees that a Samsung Bitcoin wallet would be significant for the cryptocurrency industry.���Mainstream validation is what the industry is screaming out for and thus far we have sought this out predominantly in the form of acceptance by the financial incumbents,�۝ Dr Prash said.���However, to gain this validation via a major player in the global technology sphere ��� that has chosen to do so out of its own agency and not because of a market created by the traditional financial market ��� is tremendous validation.���On a more practical note, the ease of crypto support inbuilt into mobile phone tech will definitely be a boon for adoption due to the ease of use this promises.�۝

Unconfirmed Rumour[caption id="attachment_72525" align="aligncenter" width="581"]

([/caption]In December of 2018, rumours began to emerge that Samsung was releasing a cryptocurrency wallet with its newest phone.News website Sammobile��said ���we can confirm that the company is indeed developing one and that it may be launched with the Galaxy S10.�۝��According to Sammobile, the cryptocurrency service would essentially have two parts.��One would be a cold wallet for saving cryptocurrency, public and private keys as well as signing private keys for cryptocurrency transactions, while the other would be a wallet for transfers, viewing account information and transaction history.Micky has so far been unable to find any proof the wallets have been developed, and blockchain news website Cointelegraph��has previously said Samsung dismissed the reports as ���rumour and speculation.�۝���(The) suggestion was swiftly refuted by Samsung in private correspondence with Cointelegraph,�۝ the website said.It quoted Samsung as saying:

���Unfortunately we are unable to provide any information as the below is rumour and speculation.�۝

Samsung does, however, have three blockchain-related trademark requests that appear on the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) website.They are titled ���Blockchain KeyStore,�۪ ���Blockchain KeyBox�۪ and ���Blockchain Core.�۪ [caption id="attachment_72524" align="aligncenter" width="761"]

(A screen shot from the EUIPO website, showing the application for the ���Blockchain KeyStore�۝ trade mark)[/caption]Dr. Prash is the CEO at Caleb and Brown, which is available to guide new and seasoned investors.About Dr. Prash P:Prash is considered a thought leader in the philosophical and existential implications of this emerging technology and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

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