August 2, 2018

What is a Bitcoin ETF?

5 min

There is a huge emphasis on Bitcoin ETFs in the investment community.

Jackson Zeng, COO, Caleb and Brown breaks down the jargons to give his take on this hot topic.

  1. What is a Bitcoin ETF?
  2. Why does it matter?
  3. How does this affect the market?

1. What is a Bitcoin ETF? A Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) allows Bitcoin to be traded on the stock market. A trust would hold the asset on behalf of the fund while investors can trade its shares on the exchange.

2. Why does it matter? Trading of Bitcoin currently involves digital asset custody. Investors and Institutions are concerned about handling that risk themselves. A Bitcoin ETF provides a new option for traders to get exposure to Bitcoin without having to worry about securing the digital asset themselves.

3. How does this affect the market? Reducing the barriers to entry enables a new category of investors to join the market, which may spell greater liquidity and positive price movement as that money enters the space. It will also be a step forward in regulatory clarity on Bitcoin

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