What price signals the potential for All-Time-Highs?

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Current Price: $9308 USD

As Bitcoin kicks  off 2020 with a +22% rise in January, we have been keeping an eye on the  resistance levels we need to clear before another attempt at an ‘All-Time-High’  can occur. Looking at the Volume Profile in the past 3 years on Coinbase,  approximately 90% of buyers in the last 3 years will be in profit once the  price clears $12,000. This means sell pressure from BTC purchased at a loss  will be negligible above that point and higher moves will have dramatically  less resistance. Admittedly, it’s a little early to call it now, but expect  further positive volatility if the price can rise above $12,000.

Volume Profile BTC / USD - Weekly  [Jan 2017 - Jan 2020]

The Volume Profile displays the amount of Bitcoin volume traded  in that price range, rather than against the time. For example, 420,000 BTC  has been traded on Coinbase in the $11,400 - $11,900 range. A Volume Profile  is useful to identify the amount of potential sell pressure on the market  from those who purchased above the current price, as they may be setting sell  orders once Bitcoin recovers to their break-even or loss-recuperation price.

Capitalizing on  the upturn - How do target orders work?

Clients often ask whether we can Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies at specified  prices. As it is a 24/7 market and things can move so fast, it is often a  good idea to set trades up in advance, so you aren’t rushed or stressed when  times of parabolic movement arise.
The short answer is yes, however, there are several steps involved which need  to be understood first.
Firstly, as this space is constantly changing it is critical that clear  communication is made between you and your broker. That way trades can be set  up well in advance without misunderstanding or uncertainty.
For example, if you wish to sell Litecoin (LTC) at prices ranging from $80 -  $110 you can communicate this to your broker, outlining specifically the  units you wish to sell, at what prices and in what currency. Clients often  request to sell certain coins into other coins such as Bitcoin at target  prices.
The complexity and range of options here is for you and your broker to  discuss, we are a flexible service and will endeavour to put things in place  that can best suit your strategies so you can capture the upturns of this  market. Please feel free to reach out to your broker and discuss this further  at your leisure.

Our CEO Dr. Prash featured in an  interview with Youtuber Crypto Lark: