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An Exclusive Team of World Leading Cryptocurrency Brokers

Expert team of crypto brokers at Caleb and Brown

Caleb and Brown was founded in 2016 to become an outstanding personal cryptocurrency brokerage firm; a means of accessing large volumes of Cryptocurrency, instantly, at a spot price via a single trusted entity. Since its inception, Caleb and Brown has evolved its service offerings to now become the largest Cryptocurrency Brokerage and consultant firm based in Australia by both trade volume as well as number of clients.

Caleb and Brown has been built on the foundation of cryptocurrency expertise, having been through multiple market cycles of prosperity and correction. Starting as a private crypto-management and consultant firm, the company now provides its resources to its clients through a direct relationship with a personal broker.

We believe that good management of wealth comes through professionalism and understanding of risks. Caleb and Brown prides itself on long lasting relationships with our clients based on accountability and integrity. We pride ourself on being able to navigate this growing industry for our customers and we strive to become the global leading Cryptocurrency Brokerage and advisory management firm.

A forward thinking team of crypto brokers

Jake Boyle

Senior Broker

Jake boyle - Business Development at Caleb and Brown

Rupert Hackett

Managing Director

Rupert Hackett - Managing Director at Caleb and Brown

Jeff Zylstra

Senior Broker

Jeff Zylstra - Senior Broker at Caleb and Brown

Dr. Prash P


Dr. Prash P - CEO at Caleb and Brown

Jackson Zeng


Jackson Zeng - COO at Caleb and Brown

Bee Weck

Head of Trading

Bee Weck - Head of Trading at Caleb and Brown

Sam Boyle

Account Manager

Sam Boyle - Account Manager at Caleb and Brown

Aga Manhao

Strategic Advisor

Aga Manhao strategic advisor at caleb and brown cryptocurrency brokerage firm

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Caleb and Brown brokers Jake Boyle, Bee weck, and Jeff Zylstra