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Caleb & Brown is the leading personalized cryptocurrency brokerage firm giving you a strategic advantage to achieve your investment goals.

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Powerful tools to grow and manage your cryptocurrency investments

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Structuring, advice and consultation on all of your crypto questions

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Rapid access to multiple Cryptos with deeper liquidity and faster settlement

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We’ve built the team to manage your cryptocurrency assets through the highs and lows. Join the family of brokers, traders & specialists with over 40 combined years of professional crypto experience, dedicated to maximizing your returns and achieving your investment goals.

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"There’s plenty of crypto exchanges in Australia but for larger value transactions it can often be more difficult. Caleb and Brown offer a safe, simple and personalised service for those interested in buying/selling bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

They’ve certainly helped hundreds of our followers from varying experience levels. We’ve had nothing but good feedback about how easy it is to pick up the phone or email them and get transactions done within minutes and fiat settled within hours."
nuggets news testomonial of caleb and brown cryptocurrency brokerage firm
Alex Saunders (Nugget’s News)
"Best of the Best Period!!! I have never experienced customer service like this. Jake is my broker and he goes above and beyond to make things happen for me at lightning speed.

Quick email or text and its a done deal. Don't bother looking elsewhere, this is the place that makes it happen fast. I have been blessed to find an amazing company like this."
Lance Byers testimonial of caleb and brown cryptocurrency brokerage firm
Sebastian Oszust | Caleb and Brown Client
"I absolutely recommend this company. I have completed a few, low six-figure deposits with this exchange and although such moves required an incredible amount of trust, the transactions went flawlessly.

My trust was well placed and they did as they said they would do. Perfectly. The simplicity, contact, and support I have experienced are top-notch. I will not use another exchange. Do yourself a favour and create an account. You will not be disappointed."
Lance Byers testimonial of caleb and brown cryptocurrency brokerage firm
Bo Duke | Caleb and Brown Client
"Every purchase with Caleb & Brown has been very professional and courteous. I am over the moon with the Level 5 service I have received with the several transactions I have done to date.

So much more hassle free than dealing with multiple exchanges and love that it is actually saving me both time and money. Even better it is stress-free! Thank you team Caleb & Brown you are the best."
Lance Byers testimonial of caleb and brown cryptocurrency brokerage firm
William Piket | Caleb and Brown Client
"Have been using Caleb and Brown for some time and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

They are always prompt, transparent and ready to help. An absolute must for anyone doing larger orders."

Don’t just take our word for it.

They are really transparent about how they make their money and there are no charges for spreads, deposits, withdrawals or foreign exchange conversion fees. You guys know, I love my transparency.

Bitboy Crypto - Leading Youtube Crypto Channel

The level of professionalism that Caleb & Brown has with helping you with transactions and storage is highly recommended. All of my clients you have been helping smoothly transition into the world of cryptocurrency and transactions and giving them that safety and guidance behind them has been very beneficial.

Joe Shew - Crypto Consulting Institute

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Caleb and Brown brokers Jake Boyle, Bee weck, and Jeff Zylstra