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56+ Cryptocurrency Statistics: The Ultimate Guide in 2022

56+ Cryptocurrency Statistics: The Ultimate Guide in 2022

Have you heard of the blockchain phone? Storage coins? Or that there are more cryptocurrencies than there are cities in the world?

Cryptocurrency is a space of constant transformation. It can be hard enough to keep up with the daily market caps and trading volumes, let alone scour the web for crypto news and innovation. We rounded up the most interesting insights over the past year to share with you. Use this list as a jumping-off point to grow your crypto knowledge.

There are different types of crypto coins
There are different types of crypto coins

Top Cryptocurrency Statistics

Crypto technology and its applications are increasingly being adopted by individuals & institutions. As of 2022, there are over 320 million crypto users worldwide.

1. The total cryptocurrency market capitalisation briefly surpassed $3 trillion in 2021, rivalling the GDP of many developed countries and even the market caps of companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple (Economic Times).

2. As of October 24, 2022 the market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies: $941,244,542,384. This is larger than the economy of Saudi Arabia, ranking 19th on the list of largest countries by GDP (CoinMarketCap).

3. As of October 24, 2022 24-hour trading volume is $42,467,305,320 (CoinMarketCap).

4. As of October 24, 2022, there are over 21,000 cryptocurrencies in existence (CoinMarketCap).

5. As of October 24, 2022, there are 520 exchanges that host crypto trading (CoinMarketCap).

6. The Top 10 global crypto exchanges account for 52% of daily trading volume (Statista).

7. The 2021 crypto payment apps market was estimated to be worth $98 million in 2021. It is expected more than double in size over the next 8 years, at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4% (Vantage Market Research).

Top Blockchain Statistics

Blockchains are the backbone of cryptocurrency. These networks are responsible for handling hundreds of thousands of transactions daily. Blockchains use cryptography to verify transactions, making their networks virtually uncrackable.

9. The digital size of the Bitcoin blockchain is estimated to be around 406 gigabytes (Statista).

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

Bitcoin Statistics

(statistics as at March 28, 2022)

7. The Bitcoin market cap is $895,639,382,317 (CoinMarketCap).

8. The 24-hour trading volume of Bitcoin is $31,604,434,057 (CoinMarketCap).

9. Bitcoin dominance is 42.2% (CoinMarketCap).

Bitcoin has 42% dominance of the total crypto market cap. Image: Shutterstock
Bitcoin has 42% dominance of the total crypto market cap. Image: Shutterstock

10. Bitcoin’s all-time high is $68,789 (CoinMarketCap).

11. Bitcoin’s All-time low is $65.53 (CoinMarketCap).

12. Bitcoin’s market capitalisation exceeded $1 trillion twice in 2021 (CNBC).

13. China still has the highest hashrate of any one country, returning strong soon after the 6-month government shutdown of mining (CNBC).

14. It is estimated that Bitcoin miners take home an annual $14 billion in revenue each year (Digiconomist).

15. It is also estimated that electricity costs to run the network should take up 73% of their income (Digiconomist).

16. It takes about 10 minutes to verify a Bitcoin transaction (Exodus).

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Ethereum Statistics

(statistics as at March 28, 2022)

Ethereum’s use of smart contracts allow for the use of decentralised apps (Dapps). Dapps have a variety uses beyond crypto trading. Ether is the official name of the cryptocurrency that lives on the Ethereum network.

17. The Ethereum market cap is $405,007,228,509. (CoinMarketCap).

18. The 24-hour trading volume of Ethereum is $20,964,287,902 (CoinMarketCap).

19. Ethereum's dominance is 19% (CoinMarketCap).

20. Gas prices are 72 Gwei (CoinMarketCap).

21. Ethereum’s all-time high is $4,891.70 (CoinMarketCap).

22. Ethereum’s all-time low is $0.4209 (CoinMarketCap).

23. In the initial stages of Ethereum’s move to a proof-of-stake model, investors staked over 10 million ETH (USD 26 billion) on the upgraded network (VOI).

Tether Statistics

(statistics as at March 28, 2022)

Tether (USDT) a stablecoin designed to facilitate the use of fiat currencies within crypto.

24. Tether's market cap is $81,413,857,194 (CoinMarketCap).

25. The 24-hour trading volume of Tether is $84,907,949,153 (CoinMarketCap).

26. Tether’s all-time high is $1.22 (CoinMarketCap).

27. Tether’s all-time low is $0.5683 (CoinMarketCap).

28. In 2021, Tether rose to become the most popular stablecoin on the market, in some months edging out Bitcoin and Ethereum’s daily transaction volume (CoinGecko).

29. There are over 81.4 billion USDT tokens in circulation, which are backed by $81.5 billion in assets (Tether).

XRP Statistics

(statistics as at March 28, 2022)

Outside of being a traded cryptocurrency, XRP functions as a financial device to streamline international transactions. It achieves this through its deep liquidity across a network of international banks.

30. XRP market cap is $42,842,431,097 (CoinMarketCap).

31. The 24-hour trading volume of XRP is $3,107,617,276 (CoinMarketCap).

32. XRP’s all-time high is $3.84 (CoinMarketCap).

33. XRP’s all-time low is $0.0028 (CoinMarketCap).

34. XRP uses 0.0079kWh per transaction making it one of the more eco-friendly cryptocurrency options on the market (XRP Ledger).

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Solana Statistics

(statistics as at March 28, 2022)

Solana is considered a cryptocurrency that has considerably faster transaction times, accompanied by uniquely low fees. Using a proof-of-stake model, it can perform a large volume of transactions with better energy efficiency (when compared to many other cryptos).

35. Solana's market cap is $35,861,192,600 (CoinMarketCap).

36. The 24-hour trading volume of Solana is $2,842,483,504 (CoinMarketCap).

37. Solana’s all-time high is $260.06 (CoinMarketCap).

38. Solana’s all-time low is $0.5052 (CoinMarketCap).

39. With its proof-of-stake model, the Solana network can perform up to 65,000 transactions/second with near-zero transaction fees. Although the network is fast, there have been downtimes in the past due to congestion and crashes (Blockworks).

Other Altcoin Statistics

Any coin other than Bitcoin is considered to be an Altcoin. Altcoins have a variety of functions, created to meet the needs of Internet sustainability, data storage, and more. Or sometimes, their value lies solely in popularity. 

40. With more Internet users desiring an alternative to centralised cloud storage, storage coins like Filecoin garnered significant attention in 2021 (CoinMarketCap).

41. The total market cap of Top 60 stablecoins totals $189 billion. That’s almost $200 billion in cryptocurrency claimed to be backed by fiat or other material means (CoinGecko).

42. Astar Network, a multi-chain smart contract platfrom on Polkadot, reached $1 billion in total value locked (TVL) in March 2022. Polkadot’s (DOT) unique use cases are unlocked in its ability to connect multiple blockchains, called parachains (Crypto Slate).

43. Since the ‘Alonzo’ hardfork September 2021, there are now close to 1000 smart contracts on the Cardano network (Finbold).

Crime & Theft Statistics

When money is involved, crime usually follows. Although cryptocurrency transactions are extremely secure, scams can and do happen. Please note that crypto crimes usually don’t involve blockchain penetration, as this is virtually impossible.

Be careful sharing your credit card information online
Be careful sharing your credit card information online

44. Crypto scammers heisted a record $14 billion in cryptocurrency 2021 (CNBC).

45. The most prominent rug pull scam in 2021 was SQUID coin, in which developers made off with $3.38 million after falsely claiming the coin was tied to Netflix’s Squid Game (Financial Post).

46. One of the largest rug pulls involved the decentralised exchange, BitConnect. The exchange blocked users from making transactions. Shortly after, the founder disappeared along with $2.4 billion from the exchange (FinanceFeeds).

47. In March 2022, the Ronin blockchain was exploited for over $500 million in crypto, when attackers compromised 5 of its 9 nodes to gain access to the network (Metaversal).

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Crypto Around the World

Discover how world events and country economics continue to shape cryptocurrency adoption around the world.

48. A fifth of Brits (19%) have bought cryptocurrency before. Only 6% say they currently own crypto though (Finder).

49. As the lira fell cryptocurrency boomed in Turkey; with citizens hedging their bets on alternative forms of currency (The Guardian).

50. In March 2022, Ukraine legalised cryptocurrency in response to a flood of donations received from around the world (Financial Times).

51. The country where cryptocurrency is most heavily used is Vietnam, with a transaction value almost on par with the much larger trader base in India (Statista).

52. Almost every American knows about cryptocurrency, yet only 16% of the population has ever traded or invested in crypto (Pew Research Center).

53. As of December 2021, the total number of crypto owners is just under 300 million people (Yahoo Finance).

Did any of these stats surprise you? Are you starting to question what you thought you knew about crypto?

Having the raw data on hand is essential to making a thorough, informed trading decision. Avoiding fear and embracing the hard stats should help you in your growth as a crypto trader.

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Disclaimer: This assessment does not consider your personal circumstances, and should not be construed as financial, legal or investment advice. These thoughts are ours only and should only be taken as educational by the reader. Under no circumstances do we make recommendation or assurance towards the views expressed in the blog-post. The Company disclaims all duties and liabilities, including liability for negligence, for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred by any person acting on any information provided.

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