Dr. Prash @ Anarchapulco 2019

Dr. Prash has been in Acapulco, Mexico to represent Caleb and Brown at��Anarchapulco 2019.Anarchapulco is the premier event for thought leaders from all around the world, discussing the innovations that seek to disrupt the status quo and re-imagine the future as we envision it.My past few days at Anarchapulco have highlighted a few key principles relevant to the Cryptocurrency space.

  1. The ���Ancap�۪ movement has extended far beyond ideological anarchism and now encompasses clearly, the developer community that is putting together the building blocks of this technological revolution.
  2. While price speculation continues to dominate the news-scape, within the grassroots of the movement, it is of little concern. Instead, the main concerns remain the direction this technology will take and the breadth that it is to encompass.
  3. While Crypto companies struggle financially and on the surface there is much talk of a downturn in the market, that is barely visible within the tech community that is growing at an increasingly rapid rate with that being translated to the technology itself.
  4. As this technology is predominantly open source, it lends itself to exponential growth. as the user base continues to grow, so to will the cognitive equity poured into the ecosystem. No closed loop, centralized tech could ever compare with the rate or magnitude of IP being created daily in this space.

Look forward to my detailed review of Anarchapulco next week

- Written by Dr. Prash P

About Dr. Prash:Dr. Prash is the CEO of Caleb and Brown, who are available to guide new and seasoned investors. Prash is considered a thought leader in the philosophical and existential implications of this emerging technology and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

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