August 8, 2018

Crypto Education to the Masses

Caleb and Brown sponsor's Coincast TV. A show that promises to bring education and the latest news from the Cryptocurrency world to mainstream investors.
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Caleb and Brown is proud to sponsor "Top Cryptocurrencies of the Week" segment of Coincast TV, a show that promises to bring education, up to date market information and the latest news from the Cryptocurrency world to mainstream investors. It furthers our commitment to helping bridge the gap between traditional investors and the cryptocurrency markets. "We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with Heidi Cuthbert and the production team to curate the content of our segment so that viewers only get the most up to date news on the best Cryptocurrencies to look out for each week" said Dr Prash P, CEO Caleb and Brown. The greater investment community has been waiting for an accessible and trusted news source about Cryptocurrencies. The show will be broadcast on Sky News Business and syndicated across Apple TV, The Wall St Journal and related social platforms, reaching an audience of almost 200 million viewers worldwide.

Coincast TV

The show will air weekly on Sky News Business in Australia at 7.30pm (EST) on Friday evenings, with several repeat episodes over the weekend.The first show will go to air on Friday, 10 August 2018.For more information, visit

Coincast TV executive producer Heidi Cuthbert, who brings her experience as a former Bloomberg Television anchor to the show, described the new program as CNBC meets MTV. Ms. Cuthbert said: "We have recruited a team of former business journalists from highly regarded media outlets such as Sky News and Bloomberg. While we are producing sponsored content, we will keep ultimate editorial control of the program".

The list of other major sponsors along with Caleb and Brown includes CollinStar Capital, Japan-based ICO advisor CTIAb and Bitcoin Australia.